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We are Voler Aviation - an independent private jet and helicopter brokerage company. We work in London, the United Kingdom and globally providing clients with bespoke aircrafts which suit their individual needs. If you are seeking a unique way of travel which is both convenient and luxurious - a private jet is the perfect solution for both personal and business trips.

We have a worldwide network of private jets which gives us a diverse fleet to suit any requirement you may have. Whether you are seeking a light aircraft, or an ultra-long range aircraft, we will find something which suits your needs and budget. We fly from a huge range of London based airports, including London City airport and London Luton airport.

Private jet charter offers speed and flexibility, saving you time and even money on your travel! We will customise your journey to suit you - whether you are making multiple stops along the way or heading straight to your final destination. Airport queues and connecting flights are a distant memory for people who enjoy the flexibility of private aircraft travel. Make your journey seamless with a private jet charter dedicated to YOU.

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Travel in Comfort and Style with Private Jet Hire in London

Private Jet Charter London
Private Air Charter - The Only Way to Travel

Charter a Private Jet for Business or Pleasure

We help clients on their travels whether they are travelling for business or pleasure - to Europe or anywhere on the globe. If you are travelling for business, we can arrange your trip with the highest discretion and professionalism. Whether you are travelling to a meeting, conference or transporting clients - we will ensure you arrive on time and there are no hiccups during your trip. If you are travelling for pleasure, it is important to note that we offer many high class amenities such as catering and beverages sourced from leading suppliers to make your journey as comfortable as possible. As we are a brokerage, we have access to a wide range of aircrafts and can cater for any group size. Simply contact us for charter prices and private jet costs.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We are always ready when you are. Our operations are carried out within the guidelines and controls of relevant governing bodies and the Air Operator Certificate Holders. If you are flying within the UK, operations are all regulated under the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

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VIP Travel Service

Voler Aviation have taken many VIPs on board - always ensuring we achieve absolute discretion and confidentiality. We aim to meet any VIP requirements - just let us know what you require. No matter where you are travelling from or to, leave the hard work to us and we will ensure your journey goes ahead seamlessly.

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