Training Fleet

Cabri G2

The Cabri G2 is the world’s most advanced two seat piston engine helicopter and is our primary training platform.

Cutting edge technology provides safety levels previously only available on larger helicopters or military types. The Cabri G2 main rotor system was designed with training in mind, to allow safe and predictable autorotation practice. The three composite main blades have very high inertia giving the helicopter autorotation performance which exceeds the minimum US Army requirement by 50%, it is twice that of some popular training helicopters. The unique Fenestron tail rotor provides superior manoeuvrability with safety at the forefront of the design phase.

With a modern partial glass cockpit, impressive 4.5 hour’s endurance, 100kt cruise speed and 270kg payload the Cabri G2 is the perfect training aircraft to learn how to fly before a natural progression onto larger helicopters.  

Robinson R44

The R44 is a single-engine helicopter with a semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor and tail rotor. The Raven II’s aerodynamic design optimises airspeed and fuel economy allowing a high cruise speed up to 130 mph and an average fuel consumption of only 12 to 16 gallons per hour. The dependable Lycoming O-540 engine is derated from 260 to 225 HP (225 HP for take-off) for long life and reliability.

The cabin offers comfortable two-plus-two seating with removable dual controls and no bulkhead or post between the front and rear seats, assuring exceptional visibility and panoramic views for the pilot and up to three passengers. Voler Aviation Services Ltd is delighted to offer the R44 for training and self-fly-hire.