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Flight Training

At Voler Aviation Services we focus on providing you with the highest quality instruction throughout your training, tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses.

We will build a training plan around your availability and finances and agree a time frame to complete the various stages of the course.

Our courses are delivered by career instructors, rather than transient hour builders and our pricing is transparent with no hidden extras such as membership fees, landing fees and fuel supplements.

We provide the following courses:

· Private Pilot’s Licence – PPL (H) – Cabri G2
· Guimbal Cabri G2 Type Rating
· Robinson R44 Type Rating

To achieve your PPL (H) you will need to meet the following criteria…

1. Minimum 16 years old to fly solo and 17 years old to apply for a licence!

2. Hold a Class 2 medical

3. 30 flight exercises covered in a minimum of 45 hours, 35 hours of which will be dual flight instruction, remaining 10 hours supervised solo flight time, including at least five hours of solo cross-country flight time with at least one cross country flight of at least 185km (100 NM) that includes two full stop landings at an aerodrome different from the departure aerodrome.

4. You will also need to pass some multiple-choice exams consisting of: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Meteorology, Human Performance and Limitations, Communications, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Navigation and Flight Performance and Planning. There is also a practical radio test and finally your skill test!

If this is for you feel free to pop in and speak with one of us at Cotswold Airport, call us or email!