Type Ratings

Cabri G2 & Robinson R44 

Moving onto the bigger and better has never been so easy as with Voler Aviation.

These courses enable you to add a type to your existing license. These short courses are also a great way to brush up your handling skills by spending a few hours with an instructor flying advanced handling manoeuvres in a fairly intensive manner.

Undertaking a type rating is also a great way to bring a lapsed license back to life and boost your confidence while flying the helicopter.

Pre Entry Requirements  

You need to hold or have held an EASA helicopter licence and hold a valid EASA medical certificate.

Course Content  

The courses consist of:

At least 1 day of ground school and 5 hours flight training followed by a skill test. There are some exceptions to this depending of what other types you already have on your licence but our friendly operations team can help you with that.