Charter a helicopter for Cheltenham Festival

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Charter a helicopter for Cheltenham Festival

Running from 15 to 18 March this year, Cheltenham Festival is always a highlight in the jump racing calendar. Whether you have tickets for the Unibet Champion Hurdle on the Tuesday, the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the Friday or anything in between, why not make your race day extra special by chartering a helicopter to get you there and back in style? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from your VIP helicopter charter experience with Voler Aviation Services…

A helicopter pick-up for Cheltenham Festival

When the big day arrives, we can pick you up from an airfield or airport near you, or even from your own house if you have a suitable landing area in your garden or an adjoining field that you have permission to use. Alternatively, we may be able to find a hotel close by where we can collect you and drop you off.


Before the flight, we’ll have given you a preference sheet to fill in so that we can make sure you have any drinks or nibbles you may want to enjoy along the way. Once you’ve boarded our comfortable helicopter, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views while we get you to the racecourse in plenty of time for the action to begin. The flight time from Cirencester is around 10 minutes, and it’s only 30 minutes from London.

Arriving at Cheltenham Festival by helicopter

There’s no getting stuck in traffic when you charter a helicopter to take you to Cheltenham. In fact, you’ll be able to look down on the other punters sitting in their cars on the congested roads around the racecourse as you’re on final approach straight into the Cheltenham heliport terminal. This YouTube video gives you a great idea of what to expect when you make your grand entrance!


On arrival at the Cheltenham heliport, you’ll land and disembark right by the terminal gate, where you’ll be guided along dedicated dry pathways into the terminal (so no need to worry about ruined shoes!). From there, a chauffeur will be waiting for you ready to usher you into a Bentley for the final few hundred metres to the hospitality area, skipping all the queues.

When it’s time to leave

The heliport for Cheltenham Festival is open until 8pm, so you can enjoy your time at the races for as long as you like until then without worrying about having to drive home. Your pilot will be waiting to take you home whenever you’re ready to leave, so just make your way back to the Bentley and your chauffeur will bring you to the terminal. The helicopter will come to the gate again to collect you, so you won’t have far to walk, and we’ll drop you off back at the landing site where we picked you up.

Book a helicopter charter for Cheltenham

Want to plan an extra-special day at the Cheltenham Festival? Each of our twin-engine helicopters seats up to six passengers with light luggage, so there’s plenty of room for your friends or family to come along. We can fly up to 16 passengers in several aircraft if you have a big group.


To give you a rough idea of costs, a VIP charter from Cotswold Airport to Cheltenham Racecourse and back will start at £3,900 + VAT for six passengers in a twin engine and less in a single engine. Find out more about our helicopter charter services, or give us a call on 01285 339025 to discuss your needs in more detail. Your helicopter awaits…