Chartering a helicopter for your business

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Think of helicopter charter and you’ll probably imagine glamorous helicopter arrivals at sporting events, wedding flights or airport transfers. But helicopters aren’t just a luxurious way of getting from A to B, and they have lots of uses beyond splashing out on special occasions. Today we’re going to look at the different ways helicopter charter can be useful in a business context, so if you have your own business, keep reading!

Getting to meetings

As a business owner or busy exec, there often just aren’t enough hours in the day. Now that face-to-face meetings are back, the time it takes to travel to them needs to be factored in. Travelling by helicopter drastically reduces the time it takes to get to a meeting by road or train, as there’s no traffic and you can go in a straight line. In the comfort of the back of a helicopter, you’ll also be able to prep for your meeting – and you’ll arrive feeling calm and in control, rather than flustered from running for that train!


With your travel time reduced, that frees up more of your day for more valuable business activities, or for fitting in multiple meetings in different locations. When you have an efficient way of getting from place to place, it suddenly becomes possible to schedule several meetings in the same day – an hour or two’s drive between meetings would only be a short hop by helicopter. Whether you’re drumming up new business or maintaining relationships with existing clients or customers, that means you can make the best possible use of your day.


Of course, if you’re travelling overseas for work, you can also charter a helicopter for your airport transfers so that you can stay in the office working for as long as possible before you need to head to the airport. As always, we’ll pick you up and drop you off as near to your office as we can – we just need a big enough space to land and permission from the landowner.

Entertaining clients and customers

Another great business use for helicopter charter is corporate entertainment. Whether you’re taking your top customers to Salon Privé or treating your team to a well-earned day at the races, a helicopter ride is the ultimate way to impress. Alternatively, you could treat clients and staff alike to a day of sightseeing flights from our base here at Cotswold Airport – it’s the perfect way to give them a different perspective on the area they live and work in.


Charter a helicopter for your business today

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