Chartering a helicopter for your wedding

Friday, February 11, 2022

At a time when every wedding seems to be bigger and better than the one before, it’s never been more challenging to make your big day stand out from the crowd. But there’s one thing that will never fail to impress your guests. Arrive by helicopter and make an entrance you and they will be talking about for months to come!

Helicopter wedding day ideas

Picture this: you’ve said your vows, your ceremony is over and your guests have made their way to the reception venue. They’re gathering with a glass of champagne and there’s no sign yet of the bride and groom. Then comes the distant sound of a helicopter, and it’s getting closer…


Now it’s overhead and flying around the venue – it’s getting lower. There’s an exciting flurry of noise and wind as it lands on the immaculate lawn of the hotel and, rotors still running, you emerge from the back of the helicopter to rapturous applause!


This is just one possible scenario for incorporating the thrill of a helicopter entrance into your big day. Others might include:


●    Flying the bride and/or groom into the ceremony venue from their night-before venue

●    Flying the groom and best man into the ceremony, and then flying the newlyweds from the ceremony to the reception venue

●    Flying the bride’s parents to the evening venue


Of course, you’ll definitely want to factor in time for a photoshoot with the helicopter to take pride of place in your wedding album!

The logistics

Of course, if your aim is to have a helicopter involved on your big day, you’ll need to make sure your chosen pick-up and drop-off locations have a suitable landing area. Lots of hotels have helipads or just big enough lawns, while many churches will have fields close by that are also suitable for landing – you’d just need to get the permission of the landowner.


It’s also important to bear in mind the Great British weather and to have a back-up plan in place (such as a luxury car on standby) in case it scuppers plans. We can usually get a rough idea of what the weather will be doing a few days in advance, and will have a much clearer idea the night before, but conditions can and do change!

Charter a wedding helicopter from Voler Aviation

If you’re thinking of chartering a helicopter, our Robinson R44 is the perfect aircraft for your wedding day thanks to its affordability and (relatively!) low noise level. It seats four people including the pilot, so there’s room to take a photographer on board with you to capture your flight.


We’ll have a bottle of champagne and flowers waiting for you in the aircraft, and we can even have the helicopter sign written with ‘Just Married’, ‘Mr and Mrs [your name!]’ or anything else you fancy.


If you’d like to find out more about chartering a helicopter for your wedding day, or want an idea of costs, get in touch by filling in our contact form or giving us a call on 01285 339025.