Tamzin Evans Joins The Voler Aviation Team

Friday, October 16, 2020

We would like to warmly welcome Tamzin Evans to the Voler Aviation team. Tamzin will be the Head of Training for the Voler Aviation training facility at Cotswold Airport.

She has over 5000 hours of flying experience of which 4000 is flight instruction. She is type rated on the Cabri G2, Robinson R22 and Robinson R44. Not only is she a flight instructor she is also an FE ( Flight Examiner ) which enables her to conduct, PPL, Type Rating and Annual Proficiency tests.

If you are interested in either a trial lesson towards your private pilots licence or want to get back in the pilots seats after a break you can contact us on info@voleraviation.co.uk.

Tamzin, welcome to the team.