Voler Aviation Services Expand Training Fleet at Cotswold Airport.

Monday, October 26, 2020

We are pleased to add a Robinson R22 to our training fleet at Cotswold Airport. G-EMAC is as R22 Beta II, the aircraft has just gone through the 2200/12 year rebuild and is ready to hit the skies around the Cotswolds again.

The R22 remains an extremely popular training aircraft due to it's affordable pricing, reliability and widespread availability. It also makes stepping up to the R44 that much easier for those who wish to move onto a 4 seater aircraft once gaining their licence.

The addition of the R22 is well timed to complement their new Head of Training Tamzin Evans who has over 4000 instructional hours the majority of which are in Robinson helicopters.

We are please to offer both training and self-fly hire on this R22. Training rates are;

Dual Training: £290 + VAT per hour

Self-Fly Hire: £230 + VAT per hour

Both rates include all Cotswold Airport landing and circuits fees.

You can contact us on either 01285 339025 or info@voleraviation.co.uk for more details.